Woodwork and Gutters

Alo Seamless Gutters doesn’t do just seamless gutters and downspouts. Today we’re going to talk a little about the associated woodwork that we also perform. As most people already know, seamless aluminum gutters are fastened to your home’s fascia (or facia as some prefer). That is the flat board that runs along and below the roof edge, and sometimes has an associated shadow or frieze board as a detail along the top. Improperly installed gutters or old leaky systems can allow water behind the gutters and consequently cause rot on any wood surfaces, and if left unchecked, the water can eventually find it’s way into your home – causing hidden damage as well as obvious signs of water staining. A properly installed system, such as what we specialize in, will eliminate this concern and provide years of functionality with no damage to the home. We don’t do just gutters – we also do the associated woodwork on almost all surfaces that the gutters and downspouts will come in contact with. We have included some pictures of a rotted fascia board and rake end (the piece that comes down the side and runs over the end of the fascias and sticks out past the roof edge) that we recently replaced at a job we did in West Concord, MA. If you notice from the photos, we cut out the old rotted area back to the closest seam (here about 5 feet) and also cut the rake end off as they were very damaged from an old wooden gutter system and replaced them with new, primed and painted wood. Now if your home has wood composite which is getting very popular now (Azek, Wolf and the like), we also work with that. And we don’t stop at fascias or rake ends – we also do cornerboards (the flat wood corners of a home that typically have a downspout attached to them), molding, and shadow (or frieze) boards as well. There are 2 other pictures that show a cornerboard that was rotted and removed and then what the new replacement looks like after we were done. So if your home has an old leaky system (or no gutters at all) and you have suspect areas that could be rot, let us come and estimate the complete job as we take care of not only gutters and downspouts, but also the surfaces on which they are mounted. We also have solutions for roof straps, and depending on the type of shingles, can hide the straps for a more aesthetically pleasing look overall. That will also be the next item for discussion on our blog. We are the rain control experts and can come up with a solution to whatever your gutter needs entail. Give us a call – estimates are always free.Fascia and Rake End Replacement Cornerbaord after Removal New Cornerboard in Place

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