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Azek-Type Adder Board installed

Azek-Type Adder Board installed

Back Gutter Going Up

Rear Gutter Going Up – A Long Run

Front Gutter Done

Front Entryway Done with New Gutters and Downspout

Welcome to Alo Gutters blog. We have recently opened for the work season and are very excited about our prospects. Last week we completed several gutter jobs in the Acton, Harvard, Concord, Bedford, and Shirley areas, finishing up the week in Ayer. I’ve attached some pictures of our Friday work in Ayer – a nice new home over on Easy Street that required some Azek-type build-out (adder board). As you can see from the pictures, we added the Azek-type composite material to the bottom of the fascia to build-out the surface, allowing us a nice wide plane on which to mount the gutters. The board is about 2-1/2″ wide, and mounts on the fascia below the shadow or frieze board – you can see the end in the picture. This is necessary for proper pitch, especially along the very long back section. You can see the completed front section in the pictures here – complete with miters (angled meeting area of a gutter run) and a downspout that has been side-mounted and with extensions along the front to assist with proper water discharge. The homeowner now doesn’t have to worry of being deluged upon when entering or exiting her home during periods of rain. We fastened the composite material with spiral nails to ensure no movement over time, and because the material is no-maintenece, should last a lifetime with proper care. As you can see, we are able to fabricate a seamless gutter to almost any length. Add our 297 lb. test bar hangers, stainless steel (#440) tacks in between, and you are ensured of a rock-solid installation that won’t come down even under snowy and icy winter loads.

Please remember that all gutters do need routine maintenance to last a lifetime – this includes regular cleanings to ensure proper functionality. We also perform cleanings and evaluations for those homeowners who are not comfortable getting up on a ladder, and we guarantee our work as always. If you want to cut down on the regular cleanings, we also install an all-aluminum leaf protection system called RealGuard that works hand-in-hand with our installed gutter systems. And while RealGuard will not completely eliminate all cleanings, it goes a long way to reducing the times between cleanings as compared to unprotected gutters. And the RealGuard is specifically designed for not only regular broadleafs, but pine needles and maple “twirly-birds” as well. And we’ll guarantee nothing inside the gutters – only on top, for easy removal.

Check back for more seamless gutter updates and further pictures of our work.

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