Spring is Finally Here!

What a long and difficult winter we’ve had. Spring is finally here, however, and now we’re open fully and working every day. We’ve actually been at it for the last 3 weeks, concentrating on repairing and replacing the winter storm damages for many customers who were subjected to downed gutters, cracked fascias, and bent downspouts due to Mother Nature (please see our blog, Winter Blues 2014-2015 immediately below this one). While we truly sympathize with our customers over the damage this past winter season caused, we can honestly say that 99.99% of our systems, totaling in the thousands now, were completely unaffected by the heavy snow and ice dams. We did have 3 of our gutters suffer some damage (taken partially down), but that was due to the homeowner’s not removing their snow and ice loads between storms. (Routine maintenance of any gutter system is a must, including removing snow and ice dams in the winter as well as regular cleanings and flushings). Why did ours stay up and many of our competitors fail? This is due to the simple fact that we use the best, strongest, most heavy duty materials available – from the thickness of our gutters (.032″, thickest available for residential applications) to the high strength of our bar hangers – 297 pound test each! You can literally hang from them (see pic in Gallery/Our Products). Because of the way we install and because of the strength of the materials we insist upon using, our systems survived intact this past extremely abnormal winter when a lot of others failed. We can’t say this enough to any of our customers – if you want your system to perform correctly while lasting a very long time, have us do the work. We are not the least expensive but we are competitive in pricing and truly believe that what we use and how we use it sets us far ahead of the competition. Simply put, we don’t cut corners. Our owner/operator Joe Alo has instilled this in everyone who works for him – we do it right, we do it well, and we don’t ever cut corners. Period. Again, our competitors’ systems have come down, torn off, taken down fascia and soffits, broken windows, and bent downspouts this past winter, and our systems have not. That’s a great track record for us.
Just a quick shout-out to Joe Alo and our steady crew of professionals – Mike Racca, our crew foreman (and an extremely knowledgeable, expert installer himself) and Jon and Mitch. They’ve been working hard removing old damaged gutters (and fascia sections) and installing new ones, and also repairing minor damaged systems as well. They’ve been all over recently, Concord, Carlisle, Lexington, Maynard, Sudbury, Stow, Harvard, Westford, Groton, Ayer, Shirley, Littleton, and even out to Framingham. We’ve had many satisfied customers recently as we move along and get as many people’s damage taken care of as quickly as we can. And even though we are now working on our previous Spring pre-bookings from last Fall, we will continue to address any winter damage issues in a timely and professional manner. So if you’ve had some gutter damage from this past winter, or you’re interested in getting some new or replacement gutters put on, give us a call. Our estimates are always free, and our service is always professional. Don’t settle for low-priced, bargain material work just to save a few bucks when for a little extra you can have us install the best and longest lasting system that is available in our current market area. Call us today!

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