Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Pre-Booking Discounts

Well, it’s that time of year again when the days are getting shorter and so is the guttering season. We’ve had a lot of customers recently come to the realization that winter is fast approaching and that the gutter work they put off while trying to enjoy what summer we did have, well it’s past time to get their work done before it’s too late. As of this posting, October 2, 2014, we are about 3-1/2 to 4 weeks out for scheduling as it is, which really only leaves us about 6 weeks left to book any new work before either Christmas comes or the snow flies, whichever comes first. Last year we got hit with a snowstorm in early December that effectively shut us down about 2 weeks early for the year. On the other hand, 3 years ago we were able to work right through most of the winter. However, we cannot predict the weather longterm and so have no way of knowing just how much longer we can accept work for this fall and extend the season. That all being said, read on for a creative alternative.
So let’s face it, you’ve put off the gutters until the last minute. We can’t blame you – they’re not especially pretty, they can be a bit more money than expected depending on the configuration, and most people don’t truly understand how important they are or how the system functions. And the name – gutters – is not a particularly “tasteful” word. Now, with winter approaching soon and the mulch splattered against the side of your home, maybe a little water intrusion in the basement, deep noticeable drip lines all along the home, and the memories of a very large and very slick ice sheet across the walk and driveway makes you want to get the work done before it’s too late. Right now you still can, but time is running out.
We are offering an alternative solution to those who are willing to wait a while longer. Last year, we started accepting pre-bookings for the following Spring when we resume work and it worked out very well for both our customers and ourselves. We are offering a discount of up to 10% based on size and scope of work, to any customer who chooses to wait and pre-book for the Spring of 2015. (We have already had a few who have taken advantage of this offer.) Please be aware that the discount is based on a sliding scale and the lower the pricing the less the discount. Simply said, small jobs will be discounted less than large ones. We also cannot say an exact percentage at this time due to uncontrollable/unforeseeable events like a rise in fuel pricing or yet another rise in aluminum prices. We will, however, be able to give you a ballpark estimate of what the savings will be which will then be finalized when we contact you again in the springtime for scheduling. This alternative allows the winter months to recuperate from the season, get the financing in order, be at the top of our installation list, and also save some bucks. It also relieves any pressures you may have as to getting the guttering off your plate, so to speak.
So when do we start up again next year? you may well ask. Because we are so weather dependent, we cannot say for certain. Based on our history, it is usually late March to early April (this year it was April 1st), but again, if the winter is mild and somewhat snow-free, we’ll work as we can.
We think this is a good deal, and we’re hoping that you do too! It helps us to get up and going early, and it helps you with a guaranteed slot and some savings (which we all can use). So if you’ve been putting off getting that estimate (or have one from a while ago), then give us a call now. We’ll work with you as best we can, and with the springtime alternative, possibly save you some money. And that’s always a good thing.
Estimates are free, and we do provide them year ’round. Last winter I was out several times measuring people’s home in the snow and ice, but hey, that’s what we do. So give us a call today, it doesn’t cost anything to get you on the road to proper rain control management.
A quick shout-out to Joe Alo and the crew – Mike, Jon, and Mitch. They’ve been working hard lately trying to fulfill all the bookings we’ve had, and they’ve been doing a great job recently in Tyngsborough, Bolton, Stow, Clinton, and Lancaster. Tomorrow they start on a large 6″ job (that’s commercial sized gutter for the uninitiated – like what you see on very large office/retail buildings) over in Boxborough that’s both challenging and rewarding. Mitch is our newest crew member, and from what Joe tells me, he’s working out just fine – a quick study with very good skills. Jon has been with us now for a while and is doing quite well and I really appreciate his hard work. Mike, our foreman, has taken the firm lead of the crew more and more and has really helped out and stepped up to the tasks – thanks Mike, you and the guys make it easy for me to sell a great product installed by true, caring professionals. Keep up the great work!! And a special thank you to Joe Alo. Without your help and guidance (and fussyness) we wouldn’t be anywhere. Your ethical and honest approach to all your dealings, coupled with your years of guttering experience and your insight into complex rain control issues is second to none in the business. As you know, I come from a family of “gutterers” and grew up with it (albeit a different time and different installation techniques with somewhat different materials), and I’ve seen many people, including my own father, who knew a lot about the guttering business and rain control issues, but your knowledge and insights are truly some of the best I’ve ever seen. You have elevated the unsophisticated (gutters and downspouts) to a true art form. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with you. And it also helps that you’re basically a pretty good guy to boot. Thank you. Let’s keep going, full steam ahead!!

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