Fall Is Here and Other Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to catch my breath and write anything, but now’s a great time to get caught up a little. Joe and “the boys” have been straight out hard at it pulling down and replacing old aluminum and vinyl gutter systems, re-painting fascias, replacing downspouts, and installing great new trouble-free seamless systems. We’ve all been all over in the past few months, from Lexington to Wellesley to Framingham to Marlboro to Stow to Lunenburg. It’s been an extremely busy yet very productive season for all of us, and for that we wish to thank all our customers. We’ve been running a healthy backlog all season, and we can only urge you to get any work booked with us now if you’ve been putting it off – time is growing short. I actually saw a Christmas commercial last Sunday! Our daylight hours are waning quickly and the temperatures are sure to soon start falling (witness the recent cool nights), and all these factors will limit our ability to work long productive days, making a short season even shorter. I say again, if you’re in need of our services, give us a call right away before it’s too late and booking slots before the end of the season are all gone. Yes, we do have several weeks left so we’d love to get your work done before it’s too late. Call us – estimates are always free.
On another topic, we’ve been installing a lot of aluminum reverse flashing lately. We cannot stress how important this “magic strip” is for most gutter installations. You know those pesky drips you may get from behind your gutters? This is a product that completely eliminates them, period. It’s a special piece of contour bent aluminum that goes behind the existing drip edge and directly into the gutter, ensuring no drips from behind. Please see this website, click on Reverse Flashing on the Home page, and it has some great information and videos as to what it is and how it works – even (my favorite) one video showing a gutter both with and without reverse flashing. It truly is a great product that will help save your fascias from rot and/or the dreaded tiger striping (the black streak marks on the fascia boards under/behind the gutters). It is a great investment for the best protection of your single biggest investment – your home. Check it out.
A quick shout out and thank you to our great crew, headed by the inimitable Joe Alo who is truly an artisan of gutters. Mike, our foreman, thanks for keeping the pace up and getting out great quality work. Jon, our premiere downspout guy – thanks for your hard efforts and for doing some very large and involved downspout jobs recently. Mitch, our general purpose man, thanks for your work ethic, ability to understand and suggest, and your ability to just keep on keepin’ on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – many many thanks for doing the right thing and the best job each and every time. It makes my job so much easier when I know that even if I don’t get the estimate completely change free (usually due to unforeseen issues, but hey I’m also human and I do make some errors once in a while), we can all pull together to get the right and proper work done in the best interests of our customers. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.

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